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FIS/HIS International 2020

FIS/HIS International 2020 online will take place from Monday 9 – Wednesday 11 November 2020.

FIS is a unique conference which includes the collaboration of societies with interests in different aspects of infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, biomedical science and infection control; the conference will be an invaluable source of education and if you are a healthcare professional with an interest in healthcare infection diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control, you will benefit from attending.
Although there will be no face-to-face element of FIS this year, the Scientific Programme Committee are already working to plan an engaging and interactive programme. 
More details will be available online soon.  To be kept up to date please join  mailing list or go to the website 

ISAC Project Grants

ISAC is now offering small Project Grants to applicants from ISAC Member Societies.

The deadline to submit applications is 1 September 2020

Research projects should address one of the three following areas:

-What are feasible and effective prevention strategies to prevent transmission of (resistant) pathogens in low resource settings?

-What basic laboratory support does a healthcare system minimally need to tackle infectious diseases?

-How do we improve antimicrobial use worldwide to ensure it is delivered only to those who need it?

Please follow that link to all details

World Microbe- online 20-24 June- 2021


World Microbe Forum, a collaboration between the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS), African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM), American Society for Virology (ASV) and several other societies, is breaking barriers to sharing science and addressing the most pressing challenges facing humankind today. That’s why this year, ASM Microbe and FEMS Congress 2021 will be part of this unique event. 




Wydawnictwa PTM

O Towarzystwie

Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologów Celem Polskiego Towarzystwa Mikrobiologów jest propagowanie rozwoju nauk mikrobiologicznych i popularyzowanie osiągnięć mikrobiologii wśród członków Towarzystwa oraz szerokich kręgów społeczeństwa. Formami działalności jest organizowanie zjazdów, posiedzeń naukowych, kursów, wykładów i odczytów oraz konkursów prac naukowych; wydawanie i popieranie wydawania czasopism naukowych, książek i innych publikacji z dziedziny mikrobiologii; opiniowanie o stanie i potrzebach mikrobiologii polskiej i występowanie w jej sprawach wobec władz państwowych; współpraca z pokrewnymi stowarzyszeniami w kraju i zagranicą.
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Członkowie wspierający Członek Złoty-od 27.03.2017 r.

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Członek Srebrny od 12.09.2017 r.

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