„In 2021, we had the ENC-ASC for the first time in a video format, as ECCMID 2021 was held solely online. As this video platform proved to be very successful, we will continue to offer the ENC in a video format for 2022. Videos will be placed on the ECCMID platform, as well as onsite on screens where people can watch them. Being the representative of the Polish Society of Microbiologists, we are pleased to inform you that ESCMID will again offer our Affiliated Societies (AS) the opportunity to present themselves using a video at ECCMID 2022.

An ESCMID council meeting is also planned to take place during ECCMID; more information will follow at a later stage.

The society video will be uploaded to our ECCMID platform, so people can watch it virtually. We also plan (for the hybrid congress) to show them onsite on screens in a dedicated area.

Format of the video:


The video should include an introduction, general information about your ESCMID Affiliated Society, as well as a look at what is new for 2021-2022. For those who produced a video for the ENC 2021, you might can recycle some of the content. It could be also made as a recorded PowerPoint presentation (ppt) with voice-over. Please see below the requirements for ENC-ASC videos:

–           File format: Single .MP4 or .MOV file

–           Language: Preferably English (or another language with English subtitles)

–           Duration: Preferably 4-5 minutes (Max. 10 minutes video length)

–           Title of the file: English name of the ESCMID Affiliated Society

–           Website link: One website can be linked, so please provide us with a link

–           E-mail contact: One E-mail contact can be linked that participants can contact you

The submitted videos will be uploaded to our ECCMID platform at the latest one week after being sent to the ESCMID Executive Office, given that they are transferred on time and in the right format. After ECCMID, these videos will be placed at ESCMID’s YouTube channel and please mention if you do not give your consent to use it after ECCMID 2022 on our YouTube channel.

Important deadlines:


16 February 2022: The ECCMID platform will commence with scientific content on 23 February with the first pre-ECCMID day. We aim to have all videos ready by then in order to have a complete ENC for the start of the pre-ECCMID days. If you would like your video to be visible from 23 February, please sensed your video latest by 16 February 2022 to the ESCMID office.

5 April 2022: All videos sent between 17 February and 5 April 2022 will be shown at ECCMID 2022 (23-26 April 2022), however as mentioned above, please try to send it before 16 February 2022, as the scientific content will be online from 23 February onwards.

As usual, the ESCMID AS will be granted to the following benefits. Important: nominated persons will receive later a link where they could register and select between ECCMID on site or virtual only participation:

–        For one AS representative, ESCMID will cover full registration for ECCMID 2022 (but no travel or accommodation can be covered from ESCMID side). This person should participate at the ESCMID Council meeting at ECCMID (on site or virtually). Interested societies should nominate this representative using the following form by 16 February 2022:

–        For one ESCMID Young Scientist Member (max. 40 years old), ESCMID will cover registration and provide 500 € travel/accommodation allowance. This person shall be selected by the AS themselves. They must have a submitted abstract at ECCMID 2022 (could be also submitted during the late regular and late-breaker abstracts submission which opens soon) but must be a Young Scientist Member of ESCMID. Interested societies should register this young representative using the following form until 16 February 2022:

How to submit your video:


Please send your video file to latest by 16 February 2022 if your wish for it to be shown from the first pre-ECCMID day. A file transfer website (such as is useful for this purpose.

When your video has been successfully submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within one week. Each ESCMID Affiliated Society can present a maximum of one video.

For ENC-ASC related questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail.

We look forward to our continued partnership and to your participation at this important event.

Additional information:


For further information about ECCMID 2022, the scientific and educational programme, congress registration, please visit the congress website at

The late regular and late-breaker abstracts is open from 2 – 16 February 2022 15:59 CET. Please find here more information.”

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Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologów Celem Polskiego Towarzystwa Mikrobiologów jest propagowanie rozwoju nauk mikrobiologicznych i popularyzowanie osiągnięć mikrobiologii wśród członków Towarzystwa oraz szerokich kręgów społeczeństwa. Formami działalności jest organizowanie zjazdów, posiedzeń naukowych, kursów, wykładów i odczytów oraz konkursów prac naukowych; wydawanie i popieranie wydawania czasopism naukowych, książek i innych publikacji z dziedziny mikrobiologii; opiniowanie o stanie i potrzebach mikrobiologii polskiej i występowanie w jej sprawach wobec władz państwowych; współpraca z pokrewnymi stowarzyszeniami w kraju i zagranicą.
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